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Wednesday, December 22, 2004  

Feasible? You decide.

For over a year now when we read about infiltrators in Iraq wreaking some havoc in the police, National Guard, and government, I keep wondering why don't we polygraph every candidate for employment in sensitive occupations.

It's not perfect (although there are augments to lie detection that are about as foolproof as can be and go far beyond polygraph uncertainties which include microtonalities in voice, fluctuations in blood vessels in the eye [which I read are impossible to fake], and so forth), yet, I never read of us applying these services to vet all those who work for Iraq or us.

Why not? If we had 100 FBI experts doing the work at average of 5 a day per agent, then we could clear (and possibly identify bad guys) at 500 a day. That seems adequate to vet police and army applicants.

I'm not asking for a perfect policy, but some attempt to seriously uncover the terrorists in their midst would be a fairly high priority if I were commander of that theater of war. These are valueable tools of intelligence.

I fear that in all military matters that the obvious and simple methods are often ignored or dismissed. God have mercy on our soldiers and their families.

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