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Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

Choice? I was right.

For some time I have been asserting that homosexuality is a choice and not an inherent, biological condition. I have made these assertions despite the growing chorus of even people on the Right who have come to believe that homosexuals are sincere and probably accurate when they describe themselves as determined from childhood.

After all, a fair minded man will ask, "who am I to judge the condition of another man's psyche and soul?" The homosexual also claims that his (or her) kind of love is as natural as that of heterosexuals; that their feeling for their partners is every bit as warm, enveloping, and natural as that of "normal" people.

Yet, as I linked to a psychiatrist who has made a documentary (I Do Exist) which debunks such claims, I must also not that on Michael Medved's radio show which featured the said doctor, it was cited as reliable from many studies involving upwards of 100,000 respondents that of those young people who claimed they were irrevocably homosexual at 16 -- 75% claimed at age 25 that they were completely heterosexual.

The doctor also cited evidence that a majority of lesbians were victims of sexual abuse as children. Furthermore, the whole notion of transgender people requiring surgery to correct Nature's defect in making them the wrong sex has been refuted by Johns Hopkins Hospital which no longer does sex change operations after determining there is no rational or scientific basis for such transgender claims.

There is a class of people who have sunk so deeply into depravity that it has altered their brain chemistry so that they have become completely committed to a homosexual lifestyle. These people have built an agenda on lies and distortions about human sexuality which is more malleable than we might like, but is certainly subject to choice which is the truth which the agendists hate.

We must be more forthright and courageous in asserting the facts of life in standing up to the homosexual bullies and lobbyists (and the ACLU).

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