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Wednesday, November 03, 2004  

What did we win?

Well, the Republicans have won, but what did they (we?) win?

Don’t expect to see any cuts in spending or more tax cuts even though both would revolutionize the country away from socialist programs and pork barrel giveaways.

Don’t expect to see a Marriage Amendment for the Constitution.

Don’t expect to see tighter Border control and deportation of illegal aliens.

Do expect to see the war on terrorists pursued with vigor, but also in measured responses. Don’t expect to see Syria brought down or North Korea. Expect more support for rebels in Iran.

Don’t expect more funding for faith based community groups.

Do expect to see the continuing erosion of religious values in our society.

Do expect the MSM to continue its rearguard action as it declines in importance. The NYT's is not going anywhere, nor will it reform itself to increase its profitability. Same with CNN and the major network news divisions.

Do expect bloggers to increase in importance and earning capacity as sites such as Power Line, Instapundit become full time jobs with correponding incomes. The blogosphere just had a shakedown cruise and came out in great shape. We will see consolidations in the new media. It will be harder for new bloggers who haven't already got a substantial audience to get a start. You will have the power blogs and the rest of us will be vanity blogs.

(That being said, does anyone want to join me in a consolidating group blog to see if we can increase our audience and gain advertising revenue? I'm afraid that the less dogmatic religious and hard right conservatives cannot attract a very large audience to begin with. We end being tossed into the Pat Buchanan mix, and that's too odd for me. The staunch Catholic or Evangelical bloggers have a bigger audience to work with - Amy Welborn and Mark Shea and his fellows can get higher hits and revenue, but that's to orthodox for me, also. I'm afraid that I have a perspective that does not appeal to many.)

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