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Friday, November 19, 2004  

They will never get it

In an effort to increase declining circulation, and make the paper more "fun" for readers, the Washington Post appointed a new editor who will make news articles shorter and include more photos.

The executive editor,
"Downie told staffers that the paper has made strides to increase newsroom diversity in recent years, and said that of the paper's 30 to 40 top editors, "white males are in the minority." But he said the paper needs to hire more minorities and to improve its coverage of the area's increasingly diverse population."

There's something obscene about the claim that "white males are in the minority" as editors of the paper.

The Post could increase circulation with a turn to the right or middle with its staff and editorial positions, but the idea of actually appealing to Americans' general point of view, moral chemistry, and political outlook by the MSM elite is too horrible for them to contemplate.

Take the Sacramento Bee, for example, where I live. If they gussied up the paper as they periodically do with color pictures, lifestyle sections and so on, they still wouldn't get me to buy it regularly. I despise their politics which exudes from nearly all their sections.

And I am doing fine getting news from other sources.

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