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Thursday, November 18, 2004  

River Photo Blog

Sacramento lies along two rivers. The Sacramento, of course, forms the western boundary, and the American River forms its northern boundary (although the city actually spills across it).

At the confluence of these two rivers, there is a park from which I took the following pictures. It was a gray, hazy day, and so I tinkered with the photos to make them a bit more interesting.

There is a bridge which crosses the American River at Discovery Park which is also featured, and look for the finger of land where there is a fellow fishing at the tip. That peninsula is what separates the American and Sacramento Rivers.

I must say that I find myself much more interested in photography instead of commentary blogging now that the election is over. It's as if a crisis has passed and we can all get back to a more normal and ordinary life.

1. After the rivers have joined. Looking out on the Sacramento.

2. Same as 1.

3. The two rivers meet. In the center distance is the spit of land that separates the two.

4. Close up to the dividing point and fisherman.

5. I like this picture very much.

6. A Bridge not so far. The same for 7.


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