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Monday, November 29, 2004  

The Right Tools

When I was growing up and started cooking now and then at home, I never used a decent piece of cutlery or pot and pan.

I never encountered anything resembling a good chef's knife or quality skillet.

For most of my married life, the only good kitchen utensil we had was a chef's knife given as a wedding present. I was amazed at how revolutionary such a simple item as that was in the difference it made. Food preparation was so much easier.

This summer when I was staying a few days at my father's home in Denver, I made a meal using the crudest of kitchen equipment and was stunned at how difficult (and dangerous) it made the task.

"No wonder my mother hated cooking," I thought, "if this was the kind of equipment she had to use."

I wouldn't want to cook, either, if I was reduced to such tools. The knives I had available for cutting and chopping were wildly inadequate and I feared for my fingers. The pot to make my soup in was thin and certain to burn my chowder. The skillet was a cheap teflon model that had its teflon scraped off.

It's only been in the last few years that I've begun to buy expensive cookware. Fortunately, I've been able to buy Calphalon anodized aluminum pots and pans (which are beautiful) on sale at very good prices. I acquire one piece at a time for about $30-$50. These pots will not only last my lifetime but my daughter's.

They make cooking fun. For some reason, knowing that I get to use this equipment always lifts my spirit as I approach the chore of making dinner. They also inspire me to want to use them for worthy dishes, worthwhile food.

Thinking of a great wedding gift for someone (or yourself)? Get people to buy you a set of professional quality knives and a pot and pan set. That will set back your givers about $2000 or so, but they can each buy a pot or go shares. It will be the most useful thing you will own apart from a bed, a car, a dinner table, and a couch.

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