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Wednesday, November 10, 2004  

A project

To anyone in the Sacramento area who might know of local filmmakers or documentarians who might collaberate on a project I have in mind, please send an email.

A year or so ago when I took up blogging, I wrote an essay in Mark's Mentations called -- Asking Others - What is Truth?

The basic idea I have in mind is to go to prominent politicians, professors, people on the street, ministers, pastors, rabbis, artists, and so forth and ask them to answer the simplest question - What is Truth?

I want to put people on the spot from all sides of the question in order to challenge secularist and religious assumptions or premises. I would like to illustrate the philosophy lesson with a little history, perhaps, and advance the Beauty is Truth argument through examples of beauty.

I wouldn't want it to all be talking heads. I would conclude simply with the irrefutable fact that Truth Is, and must be in someone; and since humans are created, we could not have created our own capacity for logic, reason, and recognition of truth.

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