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Monday, November 15, 2004  

New Link

A few Rhode island conservatives have consolidated into a new blog called Anchor Rising.

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, but soon moved to Stratford, Connecticut.

Justin Katz and his pals hope to turn Blue Rhody into a Rhode Island Red.

I wrote a poem a long time ago that puns on the word - Providence - and uses the state symbols on the flag and other state emblems for effect.


A sparrow on the wing of time
in flights of darting innocence
delighted summer's humid climb
when I was born in Providence.

The robins fattened in the lush
of natural beneficence
along with jay, the lark, and thrush
when I was born in Providence.

The bays of tidings rolled to sail
and ocean's breeze had confluence
so all of breath were to exhale
as I was born in Providence.

And hope, the child's mottoed state,
was breathing violet incense
and swelling to the roads of fate
of what must come from Providence.

A golden anchoring of flight
must give the stars pre-eminence
so blue is cradle in the night
of days begun in Providence.

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