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Tuesday, November 23, 2004  

I've been dissed

Dismissed, not disrespected, that is. Justin Katz of Anchor Rising saw my photoblogs and suggested I send an email to Instapundit with a link since Glenn likes photoblogs.

Okay, and later I sent one to Lileks since he likes to photoblog; but what good did it do? Bupkiss.

I happen to think that anyone who likes architecture and culture would fall over themselves to see a major building that looks exactly like Darth Vader.

But I was wrong. No instalanche for me.

I must say, though, that I have seen so many pretty-as-a-postcard pictures that I am less able to enjoy them and see them as so many photographic cliches, now.

For example, There is this photo by Ken Rockwell.

I couldn't find another one of his from Australia which illustrates a technique of an extremely long exposure (2-3 minutes) which makes it so that the ocean waves create a kind of white, swirling fog around solid features. Nice technique.

Here it is by a Brazilian photographer.

So, I've seen three fine pictures using the same technique in the exact same way. That's a cliche now.

The Brazilian's gallery illustrates a great many other conventional pictures that are cliches now because we have seen them a great many other times.

The links to these photographers originally came from Instapundit, so what does that say? Well, that maybe Glenn's insight into art is as shallow as his insight into morality.


Sour grapes? You bet.

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