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Sunday, November 28, 2004  

A fine mind

If you visit American Digest, make sure you read this brief essay with these cogent thoughts:

It isn't always the case that a politician's promise is the birth of a lie. More often than not, it just turns out that way. It turns out that way not because, I hasten to add, the politician lied at the time of the promise, but because the promises of politicians are most often descriptions of a future that can never come to pass.

The promises of our politicians are but articulations of our own fantasies about the future and, since we know in our bones these things can never come to pass, we hear the promises as lies, but go with them anyway if they reflect our own childish wishes. In the political theater of our days, each side gets the audience to chant, "I do believe in fairies," that Tinkerbell might fly. And Tinkerbell does, while all agree not to notice the wires.

I asdmit, my biggest frustration with politics is the false promise of the perfect future they always promise, especially the Democrats with their "a little more money and we'll fix everything" attitude.

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