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Monday, November 15, 2004  

Autumn in River Park in Sacramento

Two people at different times said to me last Saturday while I was walking around my neighborhood shooting pictures: "You don't have to go to New England to see autumn." They both said nearly identical words.

The pictures that follow were all taken in my immediate neighborhood. As colorful as they are, this hasn't been the best Autumn I've seen because a number of trees are out of synch. The weather has been so mild into late October and November that the leaves have been triggered to change at much different rates rather than all at once.

A beautiful Autumn, like Spring, is a chancey thing here. Often the leaves will be turning gorgeous, then storm after storm will arrive and make it all a soggy mess, knocking down the leaves. In Spring, the flowering trees will be blossoming and storms will come and do the same, ruining the display of color.

During these seasons I cross my fingers that the week or so of pied delights will not be ruined by the weather.

1. A Liquid Ambar I messed with.

2. A mimosa in front of a Beech I believe.

3. A great tree; very tall

4. A Modesto Ash in front of another one. My street.

5. A mimosa near the university clinic I go to.

6. A Japanese maple. At the house next door to me.

7. This is an elm, I believe.



10. On the street where I live.

11. A gingko. One of many in the 'hood.

12. A series of ginkos.

13. Elms winding their way to heaven.

14. Elms

15. Across the street from me.

16. Gingko some streets over.

17. Unknown tree.

18. Looking up from below.

19. The tree above.

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