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Saturday, October 23, 2004  

Words lead to actions

Many months ago I commented on the worry I felt that the violent language of the Bush haters would eventually manifest itself into violent actions leading to polarization we haven't seen since the Civil War (not the Viet Nam War)or between the Patriots and Tories of the Revolutionary times.

I have been frankly astounded at the number and nature of incidents by Democrat actors around the country against Republicans, their offices, homes, and cars.

This bodes very ill. For after Kerry loses, and he tries to plunge us into the After Election Month legal attacks on the system, and he still loses -- where are all the violent and angry actors going to go? What will they do?

They had so much fun and suffered no consequence for their incivility and attack on our fundamental processes that they can only be encouraged to do even more at the next opportunity for disruption and intimidation.

The Dems are out to destroy our basic democratic principles by undermining the holding of and results of elections.

Some think that after this loss for the presidency, that the Dems are through as a force, but I have my doubts. I believe that they will be through as a force for reasonable representation of people, but having been taken over by such a vicious Left with many resources (Soros et al), the Clintonistas like Carville inter alia, I can only wonder.

The loss of all integrity on the Dems part, and willingness to excuse any excess of their own including violence, well, it just plain bodes ill for our republic.

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