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Saturday, October 23, 2004  

Report from the Front (some profanity, but excusable and appropriate use)

The Questing Cat writes:

My day started off so normal. I was attached as security detail to the civil affairs team as they toured the little town nearby and see how Ramadan was changing things. We walked the streets, talked to some people. Very rarely does any shit go down in this town. It is quiet and we like it that way. Our officers were in a meeting with local leaders, and after making the rounds we went into the building and started to relax a bit. Our Bradleys were outside pulling security, lots of ING around. I took off my Kpod and tried to get a little bit of air.

You want to know the most terrible moment of a disaster? It is that split second when it begins. When all of a sudden there is a bright flash, that is nothing special except that it is the big break with reality to the fucked up world you are about to begin. A split second of bright light, and for the briefest second, there is no thought in your head, everything in you braces for....for what?

Glass and sound rain down on me...I know it was bad, I have NEVER heard anything so loud and light debris is falling all around me. I get off the stairs, and get my fucking helmet on. wouldn't it fucking figure, walk around ALL THE FUCKING TIME WITH THAT THING ON AND THE ONE TIME I MIGHT REALLY HAVE NEEDED IT, I WAS RELAXING.

Worth reading the whole thing.

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