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Tuesday, October 12, 2004  

PBS Commercial for Kerry

I tried to watch PBS's Frontline tonight as it profiled Bush and Kerry, their parallel careers starting from Yale.

I expected a certain amount of liberal bias, but I have generally respected many of the documentaries I've seen on Frontline on drug lords or whatever. Now, I don't know that I can trust anything they've ever done as credible.

The slant against Bush, the complete misrepresentation of their service records, and the painting of Kerry as the noble hero and Bush as the underachieving lout was more than I could bear. I had to quit after 30 minutes of the subtle defamation of Bush, and the sanctification of Kerry.

Of all those complaining of the Sinclair Corp.'s airing to come of Stolen Honor, well, PBS has them beat with this profile of Kerry and Bush. It is a 2 hour commercial for Kerry.

For example, they illustrate the Viet Nam Vets and the Winter Soldier events as a heroic baring of anguished souls with Kerry as the bold leader presenting the evidence to Congress. There is not a single mention of the enormous amount of lies and fabrications of atrocities from people who were never in combat and so forth. Not an iota of credibility of the affair is challenged. It is presented, a la Michael Moore, as definitive, factual matter.

John O'Neill is presented as Nixon's handy stooge. Kerry is the shining white knight even when admitting committing atrocities. It is an incredible piece of propaganda that is much better than Michael Moore's ham fisted movies because this is done with measured tones, and records of fact for the most part. When they talk about Kerry's medals, they are obviously reporting the truth that he was awarded them. But never how he actually finagled so many if not all of them.

His crewmates from his swift boat speak up for him, but it goes unmentioned how many work for him now, and John O'Neill is dismissed early on, while all the other swift boat vets never get an interview (nor does O'Neill).

And we are paying for this garbage through the National Endowment for the Humanities. It drives you crazy. Not only can't we get other voices and views on the MSM, but we have to pay for our own eviscerations.


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