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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

My contempt is now bottomless

The Washington Times reported this:

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry conceded yesterday that he probably will not be able to convince France and Germany to contribute troops to Iraq if he is elected president.

The Massachusetts senator has made broadening the coalition trying to stabilize Iraq a centerpiece of his campaign, but at a town hall meeting yesterday, he said he knows other countries won't trade their soldiers' lives for those of U.S. troops.

"Does that mean allies are going to trade their young for our young in body bags? I know they are not. I know that," he said.

Let's look at that last paragraph.

"Does that mean allies are going to trade their young for our young in body bags?"

This is the way, offhand way, demeaning, diminishing way he refers to our sacred and honored dead. This is the man who would lead those men? How lovely it would be to be led by someone who honors your service in this manner. How wonderful for parents, wives, husbands and children to hear of their loved ones referred to in such a contemptible manner. How incredible that this vain poltroon (yes, I said it again!) should be so absolutely consumed with himself that no one else matters to him.

Did he think he was going to score some points by reference to body bags a la Viet Nam. As he so easily did in 1972? Does he really think that Americans enjoy hearing, revel in the image, applaud him for his grim assessment of reality and the facts of war?

Does his reference make anyone want to step forward and defend their country when they know how little their suffering and sacrifice will be valued?

Is there a single man or woman in the armed forces of the United States of America who would happily serve under such a man?

I could strangle him. Simply strangle him or rip that stupid, idiotic and sickening tongue out of his mouth. 3000 dead in New York mean nothing to him. 1000 dead in Afghanistan and Iraq mean nothing to him. Thousands of Iraqis dying and being blown up mean nothing to him. Hundreds of children slaughtered in Russia mean nothing to him.

But we have to endure his smug, poisonous arrogance day after day after day. It's simply unbearable. I want this to end tomorrow. Another month of this? It's unendurable, while good men are defamed, smeared, and slandered by this heaping pile of crap!

I read from Drudge how he appeared on Dr. Phil. For a moment, when they talked about him playing broom hockey on Christmas with his kids, he seemed human -- maybe even a half decent guy.

Now you can't help but wonder if he wasn't playing at being the good dad, watching himself in his mind's eye -- "now, I'll give the kids an image of me to remember. Show them just how swell I am. Make them think I really care, because God knows, the only thing I care about is me. Maybe I can relate this story a few years from now to show what a warm guy I really am. Hey, is everybody watching me now?"

The narcissism of the man is so great that I'm almost ready to believe that he hasn't got an iota of soul and realness in him.

And this is the man the MSM want to win the election. This is the man they are pulling out all the stops to help win. The man who they skew the polls for so they can boost him headlines. The man they say won a debate where he called the President a liar and promised not to defend our country.

I have met some politicians face to face who inspired rage in me. Their imperviousness to reason, their "invincible ignorance", infuriated me because I could see the harm they were doing to others and children; but this man is the worst I have never personally met but whom I know so well for the crepuscular scoundrel he is. There is not one ounce of intellectual honesty or real human decency in the man.


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