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Sunday, October 24, 2004  

The moral bankruptcy of some people

I read about the pie throwing attack on Ann Coulter, and after shaking my head over it, let it pass as another example of leftist barbarism; but there is video of the incident here, and after having seen it, I must say that I am astonished by the strength and courage Ann displays and continues to display.

It was not a prank that was pulled on her. Two men came running at her from the side of the stage, out of the dark, and appeared like sudden assassins intent on harming her.

I'm surprised Ann was able to continue, the shock would have been enormous. I can only hope that the two cowards who attacked and attempted to assault Ann will go to jail for a good long while.

One of the few decent things my father taught me as a small boy was that I must never hit a girl -- ever. Not for any reason. It was a boy's job to protect girls and those who are weaker.

It is hard to imagine the depravity of minds which think Ann or any woman is fair game, just as it seems incomprehensible to us the thinking of the terrorists in Iraq who are murdering women, children, countrymen willy nilly, and cutting off the heads of people.

Clearly, pie throwing thugs are not the same as Islamofascist, psychosexual sadists, but their willingness to attack both free speech and a female freely speaking her mind demands severe punishment. I would be surprised if any real penalty occurs to those two punks.

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