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Sunday, October 03, 2004  

The Mind Boggles

I am not a man who jumps to conclusions rapidly. I prefer to weigh evidence before judging, and giving people the benefit of the doubt. But anyone who looked at what Little Green Footballs did within hours of CBS's forged documents, well, Johnson's demonstration was a tour de force and immediately definitive to anyone who had ever used a typrwriter and now a computer.

Thus, I immediately agreed - those documents were frauds. It couldn't be more obvious to a rational and knowledgeable man.

Now, we have a video of John Kerry (via Drudge) taking something from his pocket before the debate with Bush and putting it on his lectern. The act itself was a violation of the agreed upon rules. The next step is to say that whatever cards or paper he took out of his pocket, it is unlikely they would be blank. If they were unlikely to be blank, what would they then be? Obviously, something meant to assist Mr. Kerry in some other way than the making of notes.

We also know from Kerry's past that lying and cheating, exaggerating and embellishing is a character trait of his.

I must conclude from these facts that Mr. Kerry cheated in the debate. Imagine if Bush had done this, the level of outrage that would follow in the MSM. I can only hope that Fox News will jump on this and get some buzz going.

I must use one of my web friend's, Paul Cella, favorite words -- Kerry is a poltroon. There is nothing he will not say and will not do to grasp for power. In some ways he takes Bill Clinton to a whole new level.

What Kerry said in the debate was often horrifying. The thought of him in a position to determine foreign policy is frightening. The act of him obviously cheating, though, puts a kind of putrid icing on his crap cake.


Some are saying the object Kery removed from his pocket was a black pen. He may be holding a pen in his right hand, but the video shows him removing something white with straight edges with his left hand. It is not a black pen I have seen in the video I looked at.

It doesn't look like this little event is going to get any more scrutiny, and so the field is muddy with supposition, suspicion, and dismissals. I cannot say I stand 100% behind my original assessment, but I haven't heard or seen anything that flatly disproves it, while there is also no proof for what I and others have accused Kerry of doing.

In the absence of supporting proof (a better evaluation of the video, or new video from other angles), I must apologize for thinking the worst of Mr. Kerry.

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