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Sunday, October 03, 2004  

Liberal Guilt?

In Parade magazine's Personality Parade today, Walter Scott reported that Chelsea Clinton had some cosmetic surgery done after a query as to her new found beauty. The picture that accompanied the blurb did not strike me as an improvement, though.

What struck me the most in Scott's response was that he mentioned that the 24 year old, besides living with her boyfriend, was pulling down six figures as a marketing consultant.

That means she's earning at least $100,000 dollars as a history major in the advertsing field. To start. As an entry level employee.

How is it possible for this young woman who has never had a job or done anything that relates to business and marketing get such a high salaried position fresh out of college with a humanities M.B. degree?

Clinton, who is studying international relations at Oxford, will be one of 5,000 McKinsey consultants worldwide who research topics ranging from health care to corporate finance.

To find out what McKinsey says about a consultant's job, you can go here and see if Chelsea qualifies.

Actually, in some respects she may qualify for the position, but it's more likely that 1) her old man got her the job, and 2) the company values the Clinton connection.

Chelsea didn't get this job on her own accomplishments which aren't very distinguished.

Who wants to bet that Chelsea will or will not remain a classic Liberal?

Liberals often believe that since they had life handed to them, and had little struggle in attaining comfortable livings, they know in their hearts that they did not earn what they got. In fact, they probably fear (with reason) that they could not have earned what they got by the sweat of their own brow. They are also likely to think that no one really earns the good life, and thus the poor don't have a chance since they are shut out of the Favor Bank or the favored status.

I supose Chelsea can learn the job she has. It's not that tough, and a little application can get it done, but I wonder what happens when the novelty wears off, or if they start hitting on her for her parent's influence, contacts, and shmoozing?

Well, with such screwed up parents, you worry about children like Chelsea anyway.

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