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Tuesday, October 12, 2004  

I pity the child

of this woman Amy Welborn reports on from watching 60 Minutes. This woman doesn't seem to have any respect for the intelligence, wisdom, and joy it takes to raise a decent human being:

Did anyone else catch 60 Minutes last night? I saw one story - one of those usually quite dismissable lifestyle trend stories about highly educated women choosing to stay home and raise kids rather than stay in the professional world full time. (I say "easily dismissable" because I am never sure where these stories get their data proving that anything they're reporting is a "trend.")

What sort of shocked me about the story was the input of one woman - an academic (philosophy professor, I believe) who seemed to be in her 60's, had raised one child of her own, and was sounding the alarm about this dangerous trend, siting two major points: the loss of the talent, and the appalling acceptance of a "dependant" status on the part of such women. Her basic stance was that highly-educated women were betraying themselves and society by choosing to stay home - even for a while - with kids.

Leslie Stahl told the woman she was being "so judgmental".

Ms. HIRSHMAN: You know, that's such a loaded word. These women are choosing lives in which they do not use their capacity for very complicated work, they're choosing lives in which they do not use their capacity to deal with very powerful other adults in the world, which takes a lot of skill. I think there are better lives and worse lives.

The most challenging and rewarding job I ever had in my life was in raising a child, and it took all of my skills to stay one step ahead of her so that I might guide her well, and teach her life correctly that she might thrive.

I pity the woman's child who obviously was never raised with the idea that it took any capacity of her mother to deal with very powerful learning situations and impressions.

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