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Sunday, October 24, 2004  

The heart bleeds and the soul rages

Some days when I read the news from Iraq, I cringe with the reports of the deaths from attacks by the inhumanites there. The murder of 50 new Iraqi soldiers, most likely an inside job. A bomb set off among Iraqi Police. A seven year old child kidnapped.

I reel from despair to fury. How can people allow these monsters to live among them and do these evil deeds? What kind of people lets such people roam free to do these things? I'm speaking of those areas where these inhumanites are living and using as bases of operations.

Is it all the Sunnis who allow and encourage these things? What kind of people are these creatures who have no horror of such "friends" of theirs?

Oh yes, these are the people who gave Iraq Saddam and who reaped the rewards as torturers, extortionists, criminals, and rapists.

It makes you want to annihilate every, single, last one of them.

Now do we understand the Romans!? Now do we understand why such people must be crushed beyond recognition, Mr. Kerry!? Now do we see why we are the good guys and they are evil!?

Now that the Iraqi people are trying to defend themselves and build a positive government, I bleed when I read about their sufferings at the hands of the inhumanites just as I do over the harm to our troops and people there.

I pray for Iraq and Allawi that they might withstand the awesome assaults upon their freedom. Now I read that tens of millions of dollars are being funneled into Iraq by Iran, syria, and probably the Saudis to kill innocent people by the dozens, hundreds, and thousands if they can.

The battle taking place there for freedom is critical. I don't expect Iraq will necessarily beome a western style democracy, but just to be a state where people are essentially left alone to go about their business, and say what they please about what happens in their lives -- that is crucial; especially in that region.

When I think of how Kerry and the Dems would cut and run, leaving the Iraqis defenseless against the Islamofascist onslaught well funded by the terror masters, well, my blood simply boils.

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