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Tuesday, October 12, 2004  

Fine Work

Another example of fine work by our forces in Iraq is reported in NRO about our training of an elite special forces SWAT type group of Iraqi soldiers.

. . . the strength of the Iraqi SWAT team lies not so much in precision single-point clearing missions, a specialty of force recon, but in functioning as shock troops. "Iraqis are very good at raiding a particular area and quickly clearing several buildings at once," he says. "I'm afraid if we train them more on the precision clearing, they might lose that aggressiveness and speed that now serves them so well."

Speed indeed: When Iraqi SWAT commandos hit a target, they hit it hard. Racing forward in white pick-up trucks emblazoned with the unit's emblem — a black scorpion and dagger (an emblem designed by the Iraqis) — the raiders leap from the vehicles and rush toward their objective almost before the enemy has time to panic. The attackers — primarily in their early to mid-twenties — are armed with a variety of personal weapons including AK-47s and SIG Sauer assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and grenades. They all wear khaki-colored assault suits (similar to zip-up flight suits) with an Iraqi-flag patch stitched on the shoulder. Khaki or black balaclavas cover their heads, concealing their faces. "The Iraqis like wearing balaclavas," says Douglas. "It makes them look fearless, and terrifies the enemy."

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