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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

Ancient Coin

I've been wanting to own an ancient Roman coin for many years now. Last week when I went to an Art Show there was a Coin Show next door. Last year I passed up on a coin of Nero that was about $60. I found another Nero this year, but it cost too much. I also saw a silver coin of Hadrian (or Trajan), smaller than a dime but thicker that looked like it had been minted yesterday (maybe it was), but was in perfect condition and the detail was amazing. As good as any coin you see today. But the cost was more than I wanted to spend.

Then a woman asked the coin vendor about a Tribute Penny. That coin was a Tiberius denarius which Jesus would have used to pay the Roman tax and would have used in answering the question about who should the Jews pay taxes to. It was a very cool thing, but again, about $100.

So instead, I bought this Caligula bronze coin for $27. The images are from slightly different angles.

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