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Friday, September 17, 2004  

Sky Captain Crashes

Saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight with my daughter.

It was very clever, and a brilliant technical achievement, but the movie is a dud. The story simply doesn't engage and none of the characters appeal.

It's a movie about lots of other movies and is entirely self-referential. The music is annoying, the actors are weak, the dialogue is hideous, the allusions (to other movies) shopworn, and ultimately despite the marvel of the CGI, it is boring.

The movie is arch but not in a truly sophisticated manner that pleases. It is arch in a manner that is jejune and adolescent. It is what I objected to in Star Wars and Indiana Jones when they first appeared. They were parodies of B adventure movies, but their very self-consciousness diluted their value as adventure movies. Tarzan didn't wink at the camera when I was growing up, and neither did Sky King.

My chief complaint with Hollywood movies is that the directors are nerdy artisans who know everything about film and nothing about story (or humanity for that matter). Peter Jackson is a brilliant technician, but a lousy thinker and he sucked all the juice that underlay the Lord of the Rings in terms of its raison d'etre.

I am annoyed with Sky Captain, for some of the digital techniques it used, I had also used on some photos and was hoping to further exploit. Now, some great artistic and imaginative ideas have been wasted on a lousy movie. I hate when that happens. It's a bit like assembling the finest orchestra to play childrens' jingles.

Pulling out all the stops to create tour de forces that have no more lasting value than a stick of chewing gum is disheartening to see.

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