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Thursday, September 09, 2004  


Now that the major media are discrediting themselves and the TV networks losing market share in the area of news (as Fox blew them away in the convention ratings), I keep wondering how long it will take before major stockholders in GE, Disney, and CBS, the NYT, etc will demand changes - a tilt to moderation, the middle and representing conservative viewers and readers.

People often say money talks, but ideology tends to trump good sense. I wonder how Larry Tisch would react to the latest criminal blunder at CBS. I wonder if his heirs still own the company.

The painful thing is that I probably own shares in those media corporations through my mutual funds. These idiots are damaging my family's retirement.

I have also heard that CNN is able to charge more for its ad time than Fox even though it is well out rated. Why? Because ad time buyers are liberal and won't buy time for their clients on conservative talk radio or TV.

Rush Limbaugh related how Apple's Steve Jobs forbids his marketers from buying ads on his show. He said when he went national, they had a hard time selling space on his show and struggled for six months until they cracked the profit center with the kinds of independant ads they run now for vitamins, weight loss products, etc.

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