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Thursday, September 02, 2004  


I watched the four nights of the Convention with interest, but felt I missed a lot of good speakers who weren't on prime time.

I suppose the RNC was a success. It pretty well defined the difference between Bush and Kerry, and illustrated the strengths of the Republican Party regarding War and Peace, yet I thought it failed to appeal to actual conservatives.

Bush's speech had a Nanny State part one - no child's behind not wiped by Washington. It all seemed like the Democrats 44 years ago. Freedom and Defense, and we'll fix every social problem because we have experts we can pay.

I didn't find a Republican Party I could be proud to join or contribute to. Not a single word on illegal aliens, by the way.

Friends, I hate to say it but we're doomed. Socially, legally, and spiritually.

I will say that Bush may be right about America expanding freedom. At the time of the first election for preseident, we were the first nation in the world ruled by democracy of the people. Since then, purely through our American Way and our efforts, freedom and democracy has expanded throughout the world. The Middle East may well be ripe in Afghanistran and Iraq for freedom.

Their traditions of tribe and cleric may overpower the freedom impulse, but there is a strong desire there now for liberty.

Great Britain never established democracies after conquest. America has, and that's why we aren't imperialists, and why our efforts now have a better chance of success in creating stable governments in the Arab world.

As for the Republican Party, what you will find in the future is what you find now. As the Dems continue their suicide mission, more and more of them will begin to slip into the conservative ranks so they can get elected or have influence and power in the world.

They bring with them as they have already a pro-abortion attitude, a homosexual rights attitude (see Cheney's remarks. And yes, there are a lot of areas of life in which I believe in discriminating against homosexuals such as in the schools, the Boy Scouts, adoptions, and so forth), and we're from the government and we're here to help belief.

When the Republican big tent allows so many libertarians, libertines, and do-gooders in, the real conservatives will have to leave and form another party.

Many have complained about the speakers at the convention all being liberal Republicans, and I must say that as much as I want Bush over Kerry, I would rather have a real conservative over Bush. (Yet I can't stomach Pat Buchanan.)

But then, people in my camp must admit that we're always fighting a Lost Cause. The battle for moral truth and clarity can never win in this world. Still, I lament the loss.

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