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Saturday, September 11, 2004  


I've been letting the RatherGate story simmer on boil for awhile since so many others are doing yeoman's work in participation of the Great TakeDown, Fisking, and Mysting of CBS News, but a link from JunkYardBlog cannot pass without my comment.

The desperation of the Democrat operatives in this matter has gotten so hysterical, that the story of a press secretary for Ben Barnes calling Hannity's radio show to cancel his interview with Barnes' daughter saying that she spoke as a friend and read a statement supposedly by Amy Barnes recanting her previous statements is not simply mind-boggling -- it has an element of terror in it.

The reason why is that these kind of furious attempts to control events by rank and dishonest tricks brings such people up to the border of violence. If any kind of dirty trick is conceivable to these maddened and enraged operatives and partisans, it won't be long before the idea of using violence and shadowy Direct Action committees becomes acted upon.

Nixon's people ran right up to that line. Whether they crossed it or not is a matter of debate, but what is true is that it ended with Nixon's resignation. The Dems may lose races and power, but their core is not going to resign, but only become more desperate to get their way.

Maybe, just maybe Bush's re-election will bring back some calm to the national political arena, but how likely is that? Not very to my way of thinking.

An Aside

When I was taking Latin for a Classics degree (uncompleted alas), we studied the orations of Cicero against Catiline, one who had plotted to take power and kill others. In order to win a guilty verdict and sentence of death for Catiline's treachery, Cicero villified his character, behavior, and origins.

Our teacher explained that there were set ways to try and ruin a man, and they involved ilustrating his family as crooks or former crooks coming from low origins (to point out that leopards don't change their spots, families retain their crudities); then, you would describe the fellow's youthful and continuing perversions -- he is a pimp, a homosexual, a drunkard, a rapist - anything you can imagine as vile and throw at him. Then, of course, you allege his mother, wife or daughters are whores.

That is exactly what the forthcoming Kitty Kelley book is intended to do (although instead of low origins, they are patricians who sleep with Saudi princes for oil deals. Crooks, in other words.)

The funny thing about Bill Clinton, though, is that he actually embodied most of the characteristics and history that slander a person, and villify their reputation. But Clinton is beloved by Dems, and forgiven by the public. Incredible.

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