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Wednesday, September 22, 2004  

The Question of God

I watched last week's PBS episode of the C.S. Lewis vs. Freud program, and started to watch the second half of tonight's show, but it's simply unbearable.

There is a panel of a couple of hippies (adult), a couple of atheists, and a couple of Christians trying to "dialogue" about God. These dialogues are meaningless and frustrating (for all sides I suppose).

Unless the first three big questions are answered, then nothing matters. It's all useless chatter.

The three questions that must be answered and agreed upon by everyone are: 1) What is Truth? 2) What is Being? 3) What is Real?

The atheist refuses to answer those questions logically and rationally, and denies their relevence. The hippies drift off into Cloud Cuckoo Land with vague nothings of pantheistic transcendental puffery. The Christians tend to rely on the experience of God and grace rather than Thomist theology and Greek philosophy.

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