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Tuesday, September 07, 2004  

My enemy's book is on the remainder table

Woe is me. I looked up my web page on for my book, Brightness Springs, and what did I find?

copies were for sale as used. I don't know that I've even sold that many on Amazon, but then I recalled how I'd given away about 50 copies at a Tucson Catholic writers' conference; and I recalled that a book reviewer once confessed that he took all the books sent to him for review and sold them. Obviously, others have had the same thought.

It rankled me that people who didn't bother to read my book, write a decent review of it on Amazon, or simply give it to someone who might like it would trade it in for a few measly bucks or one dollar. How about donating it to a library, for Pete's sake, if you don't want it? But to be so cheaply ripped off like that, the crassness of someone saying, "hey, I can get a dollar for this gift, maybe" -- well, it simply rankles.

It's like telling someone you love them, and they go off and sell the quote. That sounds like a weird analogy, perhaps, but frankly, my book is a kind of love letter to other people, an invitation to sacred communion with me, with God, with each other.

Or it's like a child giving his aunt a drawing of her, and she promptly runs off and sells it for a buck, because there is a simplicity, purity, and innocence in my book that is indeed childlike and guileless.

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