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Monday, September 13, 2004  

Most Beautiful Mountain in the World

My daughter drove past Mt. Shasta this weekend and took a few pictures. They aren't great, but for those who have never seen Mt. Shasta, they will give some idea of it.

I lived in the town of Mt. Shasta off and on for about 12 years. I miss it all the time and wish I could live there now. It is a mountain which appears welcoming. It stands all by itself with a base 50 miles in circumference. It rises about 11,000 feet above the town and plain around it.

There is simply nothing like living in a place where you can walk out of your house almost any day or night and see such a beautiful sight.

Samuel Johnson once defined Wonder in his dictionary as: "the effect of novelty upon ignorance."

Yet, I never tired of the novelty of looking at Mt. Shasta. It always surprised. It's like never tiring of seeing or meeting God every day.

I must take a trip up to The Mountain (that's what we call it up there) again soon.

These two were taken coming south on I-5 from Yreka. The next two were taken from where I-5 is alongside the town of Mt. Shasta City.

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