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Thursday, September 30, 2004  

The Great Debate (not)

Kerry appeared as smooth as the Devil at an atheist's convention.

Bush seemed frustrated at times as if he was saying the grass is green and Kerry would say, no, it's purple.

Kerry worked the vintage strategy he uses in all his debates. He attacks his opponent ad hominem. He addresses no real issues. He simply smears, and he's very good at it. (See his Viet Nam era lies.) His strength is that he lies and smears with a serious demeanor, a kind of authoritative confidence and hauteur which can impress naive auditors. It's a lecturing, professorial style which has bewitched countless college boys and girls. It can be effective despite the nonsense he spouts, the inherent contradictions, and the shallow conclusions.

The debate was a draw, but Kerry came off better than expected, and Bush came off a bit repetitive and halting. But at least Kerry did not score any real points. It is clear he is an appeaser, disrespects the military, and will betray this country if elected. Not in the obvious ways, but through his lack of principle.

His attacks on Bush tonight (as at other times) were completely unprincipled and harkens to Clintonian war room games. Just keep calling your opponent a liar.

What could Bush say? -- No, I'm not. -- Prove it. -- You're the liar.

To call a man a liar to his face, well, those are fighting words, and if a man can't fight, there's not much he can do to cut the other man down. It's a charge which no response other than a duel can settle in this kind of arena.

Nevertheless, Bush missed many opportunities to stand by his record. The format didn't help him at all.

Oh well, the election will be over soon. Bush will win and we won't have to worry about his inability to be glib and facile which is all that Kerry was.

The frustration I and Bush must feel is that Kerry has a soullessness which is disturbing. It's like fighting a ghost. He haunts the body politic, and horrifies in his complete lack of substance. How do you debate a cipher, a zero with the rims rubbed off?

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