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Tuesday, September 14, 2004  

El Kabong? No, el Lamo.

I just watched the Democratic National Committee commercial on Bush's Guard service. It is a Michael Moore type attack, but as sickening as it is, it's ineffective. It is meaningless and stupid because nobody really cares about what Bush did or didn't do 30 years ago.

The attack on Bush's character is idiotic since it completely misses the point. We know Bush. He has an adult and ontemporary record. The Dems are in complete meltdown. That these attacks come right from Kerry, though, rather than some 527 reflects badly on Kerry than Bush.

As much as the Dems complain about the Swift Boat Vets, they didn't come from Bush. They haven't gone away, and they have devastated Kerry by simply replaying his actual words and acts.

Kerry might have overcome the SB Vet charges if he had responded early, honestly, and directly, but he couldn't bring himself to account for his past. He thought he could control how his former words and deeds would be seen.

It is rather amazing that John Kerry who has spent his entire life preparing for a run at the presidency should, when the time came, have nothing to stand on, no record to point to, and no core that might impress others.

Did he really think that being a Massachusett Democrat left winger would appeal to all that many people? These are not very intelligent people, it would seem.

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