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Wednesday, September 15, 2004  

Drug Laws are damage control

Too many conservatives trumpet the notion that the "War on Drugs has failed." By the same token then, the war on murder, the war on rape, the war on theft have failed, too.

Laws against bad or harmful behavior exist not because they can prevent any instances of it, but because punishment deters a great deal of it.

Also, try to remember that society exists not for the benefit of adults, but for the health, safety, and nurturing of children. The other day I heard a leftist complain about decency rules of the FCC and the fines handed down for Janet Jackson's breast exposure at the Superbowl. He whined that it wasn't even a breast because it was still covered by a pasty.

Well, barely covering a woman's nipple with a weird ring thing hardly counts as clothing in my book.

He then continued with the usual crock about how "if you don't like what's on the radio, change the station! If you don't want your kids to see MTV, turn off the TV!"

You can't turn off the culture, of course. We are inundated wherever we go with degrading images of women, and so forth. I marveled that there are these millions of young men (and it is usually young men who love Howard Stern) who really believe that they have no obligation to the good of all our children.

Their basic attitude is "screw 'em". The kids that is, and their parents who want to shelter them from gratuitous evils.

Steve Sailor has some other reasons, though, why the legalization of marijuan would be bad.

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