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Friday, September 24, 2004  

Coming soon to a state near you

California air regulators on Friday unanimously approved the world's most ambitious rules to reduce the car emissions that contribute to global warming, a move that could bring sweeping changes to how the rest of the nation fights vehicle pollution.

Among those supporting the regulations was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's environmental protection secretary, Terry Tamminen, who said Friday he and Schwarzenegger believe California should do its part to reduce pollution. He strongly urged the board to adopt the proposals.

Automakers argued that the regulations would raise new vehicle costs as much as $3,000.

The board's staff said the cost increases would top out at about $1,000 per vehicle by 2016. Staff studied the automakers' estimates Thursday night, and said in a report issued Friday that the automakers had exaggerated. and that they stood by their own estimate.

Thanks, Arnold. Another idiotarian who believes in junk science. Check this line:

Heat-trapping greenhouse gases are believed by many scientists to contribute to global warming.

Belief, as in wishful thinking by a few enviro nutballs. I hear it from true believers all the time. It's not climate change, it's not a hotter sun, it's not cyclic -- it's man and his cars which is changing the world. Where, in fact, tens of thousands of scientists don't believe global warming 1) is necessarily occurring, or 2) that man has anything to do with the slight change in temperature.

The assertions of global warming by man takes more "faith", more superstition than religion to accept as true. But then, earth worship and htred of man is the religion of the enviros and the ignorant officials who accept this nonsense without challenge.

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