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Friday, September 17, 2004  


I got canvased tonight by a DNC volunteer going door to door asking for $50 contributions to the cause.

I did not immediately betray my membership in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, but asked him "Why should I vote for John Kerry."

"Well, there are a number of issues like Iraq, the economy amd such where Kerry will do a better job."

"Yes, I keep hearing he can do better than Bush but exactly how will he do that?"

We talked for a number of minutes. The young man was polite and articulate but was completely stumped as to how to answer the simple question about what Kerry would do about anything.

The poor fellow looked defeated as he tried to muster a positive and clear response to basic questions. In fact, he said he realized that I wouldn't be a supporter, but he was enjoying talking to me because I was one of the few people he'd spoken to who spoke to him for any amount of time, and seemed to know about the issues at stake.

I told him the $1000 or so I got back in tax cuts wasn't a pittance and helped me and millions more, and I'd lose it with Kerry. I talked about how spending more Federal money on education (a loser) wouldn't help anyone, and that I wanted someone who was going to go out and kill those SOB's who want to come over here and kill us before it happens.

I expect the poor soul (who seemed quite decent) will return to his group with tales about a candidate who has no message to people who want their children's lives secured from terrorists, and who want to keep the money they earn.

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