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Thursday, August 26, 2004  

Truth Squad

A year or more ago, I wrote a blog on my solicitations of various writers, bloggers, journalists, and editors on what they said when asked -- what is Truth? That blog is here.

What I would like to ask my few readers and fellow bloggers to do is that whenever they engage someone else in conversation on any serious topic, to ask them - what is Truth? - and see what happens and what responses they get.

I ask this because in a conversation with my father when he complained about the opinions of others he opposed, I said, "What do you expect when you haven't established that the other person actually considers Truth to be a value or a clear goal well defined? If you show that your adversary can't define truth in a meaningful and accurate way, how can you expect to agree on serious matters? There isn't any point to arguing under those circumstances."

I'm wondering now if my web friends have confronted this situation either over the water cooler or coffeeshop (?) and what their experiences have been when others are confronted with this simple question - what is truth?

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