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Monday, August 16, 2004  

I have returned!

I've returned from my vacation with my wife and have much to report (or complain about), but it will all come out here and there as the fancy takes me.

We traveled through Nevada through southeastern Idaho to W. Yellowstone, down to Jackson and the Grand Tetons to Duboise over the Wind River Range, to Rawlins, Steamboat Springs and Denver. Finally we left my father's place west on 70 to Hwy 50 home to the Holy City of Sacramento.

I got two speeding tickets. Both undeserved! That is, I was speeding, but only doing what the road conditions and safety allowed. In the great distances of the West, we ought to be able to go as fast as we can when we can.

I consider what those Highway policemen did was to put a gun to my head and steal my money for their state's general funds.

In the second ticket in Utah on Hwy 50, there was no one near or around me for miles until the car coming towards me turned out to be a sheriff's.

I am considering not paying the fines, but I have heard that a number of states are entering reciprocal agreements of not allowing people to register their cars or renew licenses if they have outstanding traffic tickets from other states.

If anyone knows about this, I'd like to hear about it.

Also, I took a lot of great pictures, but I downloaded them into an old laptop (from my wife's school district) to clear the camera's card, but I don't know how to transfer them from the laptop to my desktop.

The laptop runs Win 98. I run Win XP. I tried to add an external hard drive to the laptop but it doesn't seem to recognize the new hardware as a new drive. I was going to then hook up the external to my PC and copy them to that.

Does anyone know if I can just hook up the two computers by USB cable?

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