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Tuesday, August 24, 2004  

Hoisted on their own petard

One of the curious joys that occurs to me these last few weeks since the Swift Boat Vets began taking Kerry down is the incredible scramble by the Left and Dems to attack the Vets.

Talk show callers, and opinion show talking heads from the liberal side have been all over the place trying to defend Kerry. Their incoherence and hysterics are a marvel to see.

The fact that they are floundering for "spin", for counter accusations, and so forth - their frothing at the mouth over Kerry's self-admittance to war crimes, recanted stories, and false valor - this is like watching cornered rats trying to fight their way out against a bobcat, or swishy homosexuals throwing a hissy fit.

Whether this is good for the overall presidential campaign and for the American people, I don't know. Many complain it is a distraction from the issues even though this goes to the question of character.

Bush isn't making the sort of telling points about Kerry's record in the Senate and his incredible ability to take four sides on any issue, but this may all get sorted out by November.

For many months now I have been dreaming that Kerry's testimony before the Senate, his statements on Meet the Press after his return from Vietnam, his giving aid and comfort to the enemy by undermining morale, meeting with the North Vietnamese, and spreading lies about our soldiers behavior -- well, I've been hoping these chickens would come home to roost on him.

I despaired that Kerry would not be held accountable, though, in this world, but the Swift Boat Vets and their determination to really "speak truth to power" (those weasel words the Left love to recite to justify their viciousness and lies) has given me a great lift in spirit.

One wonders, though, considering the nature of the attacks against the Swift Boat Vets if politics has always been this vicious.

I know that 19th century politics was both scurrilous and violent, but I don't recall this tone and tenor in politics until Bill Clinton began assassinating any who exposed his dirty, secret life and lies.

Even Nixon with his Plumbers was nowhere in the class of these Dems. But it's really the Left that has transformed the Democrat Party. These are the tactics that the communists are famous for.

A bucket of cold water does to these folks what it did to the Wicked Witch of Oz. They melt down screaming all the while.

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