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Friday, July 16, 2004  

No Proof But . . .
I believe that after more than a year without Saddam Hussein in charge, a large majority of Iraqis have become somewhat used to being free to pretty much say and do as they please without fear of slaughter or maiming.
Because of this, there is hope that they will fight and struggle to maintain the same level of freedom they now have. Whether the majority will prevail remains to be seen.
There is little doubt that the northern Kurds will not be cowed, and that the southern Shia are going to be restive over any attempt to oppress them again, but can they create a nation with order, a rule of law that people respect, and a minimum of corruption -- poltical and general?
In historical terms, the progress we and Iraq have made in a mere 15 months or so is incredible.
I don't expect Bush to lose the next election, but if he were, I fear (with good reason) that all the sacrifice and efforts we have made will be wasted through the cowardice and ineptitude of Kerry liberals.

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