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Thursday, July 15, 2004  

I Couldn't Resist
This is a tad ribald but quite clever, and a chuckler (that which makes you chuckle, as opposed to a buckler which does not make you buckle).
It is from John Derbyshire at The Corner.
The BBC reports that 75 percent of our genetic makeup is the same as that of the common pumpkin. Presumably this is why the word "pumpkin" ends with "kin."
But wait -- what is that fluttering of gossamer wings I hear! Why, it's the Muse...
Lines in Appreciation of Genetic Propinquity
by John Derbyshire
A certain young hillbilly bumpkin
Was caught having sex with a pumpkin.
When arrested he swore:
"What's all this fuss for?
Where I'm from, it's okay to hump kin!"

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