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Sunday, July 25, 2004  

California Attorney General is Insane

This is a fellow who, one, does not believe in enforcing the law (witness the SF mayor not arrested for violating the laws on marriage, the SF district attorney refusing to seek death penalty for cop killer who used assault weapon to do the dirty deed, and dismissed charges of prostitution against whores in strip clubs -- saying the police should be doing other things than punishing hookers); and two, joining a lawsuit with a number of other states against power companies that generate carbon dioxide which has led to global warming.

He hasn't bothered to note that 80,000 scientists have signed a letter stating that mankind has not and is not causing the current warming trend on Earth, but that scientists have shown that the sun is the hottest it has been in 1,100 years.

Can this attorney general imagine that the sun might have more affect on global weather than man and SUV's? No,he cannot.

What do you call people who refuse to acknowledge reality? I call them crazy. But worse, he's not only crazy, he's trying to be political and take advantage of a situation for gain.

Kill all the lawyers!

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