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Friday, July 02, 2004  


There's some debate about whether Brando was a great actor or not.

Terry Teachout has interesting things to say in the negative.

I agree that genius is a word tossed around to lightly, but I'm not sure why we should exclude actors from the category simply because they are interpreters (critics, in a way, as terry points out) rather than writers or composers.

But then I define genius much differently than most people do. God is genuis. Thus, the closer any person comes to expressing Truth purely, and unobstructed, the more that person may be said to be a genius. This makes genius apply to people in any endeavor.

Anyway, Brando. Some point out that Gielgud and Olivier were greater actors, yet as much as I used to worship Olivier, I can hardly watch him now. Nothing he does seems authentic. It looks like all technique.

Brando was inauthentic, too, with all his ticks, mumbles, etc, yet he may still be riveting. His inauthenticity often seems more authentic. The Godfather is simply a great role and performance.

Brando was fun to watch. Unpredictable.

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