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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

Two faced

This blogger has a comparison of film critics in what they said about Gibson's Passion of the Christ next to what they say about Moore's crockumentary.

It simply boggles the mind how upside down so many human beings are. They have completely done as the Bible promised when it says, "They call evil good, and good evil."

These parallel quotes are simply astonishing; especially considering that The Passion of the Christ is, artistically and spiritually, the greatest movie ever made.

When you read this, well, it makes you want to weep because of the triumph of sin, the glorification of satanic egotism. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Link via Best of the Web. Here are a few bites:

David Edelstein, Slate:

"Fahrenheit": After the screening, a friend railed that Moore was exploiting a mother's grief. I suggested that the scene made moral sense in the context of the director's universe, that the exploitation is justified if it saves the lives of other mothers' sons.

"Passion": "A two-hour-and-six-minute snuff movie--The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre--that thinks it's an act of faith."

Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle:

"Fahrenheit": "[Moore] is an indispensable treasure, and his imperfections are part of the reason, because they mark him as real."

"Passion": "It's awful because everything he knows about storytelling has been swept aside by proselytizing zeal."

Geoff Pevre, Toronto Star:

"Fahrenheit": "A plea for America's deliverance. . . . It may not be an argument one agrees with, and it may be unbalanced and propagandistic, but it is both convincingly argued and sincerely motivated."

"Passion": "A work of fundamentalist pornography."

James Verniere, Boston Herald:

"Fahrenheit": "At a time when the film industry is turning out sugarcoated, content-free junk, Moore has given American viewers a renewed taste for raw meat."

"Passion": "An exercise in sadomasochistic bullying."

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