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Tuesday, June 15, 2004  

Reaping what is sown

Michael Newdow, the intelligence challenged atheist who got his day at the Supreme Court over the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was just socked by a local court with $400,000 in court costs he has been ordered to pay to the mother of his child for his constant litigation in attempting to get custody of his daughter.

Miss Banning and Newdow never married, but that hasn't stopped Newdow from believing he has an equal right to their child, and is now trying to sue the State to declare the laws regarding custody unconstitutional.

Miss Banning, on a local radio talk show yesterday, explained that Newdow has promised to use the courts to harass her and drive her to submission by means of attrition - costs she can't afford.

We can only hope that this ruling will stand, and work to hinder Newdow's plans. I do not believe the man has any independant wealth.

It occurred to me, though, after listening to Banning on the radio describing her trials and tribulations with pitbull-like Newdow, that what we are seeing in this man, as we see in many aggressively evangelical atheists, is a Depressive.

One of the few ways for people to fight against depression is to find something to hate. Not merely loathe or dislike, but actively and vigorously hate. Fanatical ideologues or Hoffer's "true believers" fall into that category, too, such as Islamofascists.

Many thugs at Gitmo readily become suicidal and make attempts on their lives because they are thwarted in their hatred, whereas others are able to maintain their hatred in captivity.

Islam itself breeds depression like nothing else in people as a recent study of Saudi people showed.

As many have said, depression is anger turned inward. Men show fewer signs of depression than women because men tend to turn their anger outward. That is what Newdow is doing to try and relieve his symptoms of undifferentiated rage.

Newdow hates. He hates God. He hates life. He hates the mother of his child. He hates his daughter, and most of all he hates himself (or what was done to him by his parents).

Nevertheless, being functional, he retains rights, but I can only hope that the penalties against his continuing assault on Miss Banning and our society may eventually break him down. Pride goeth before a fall, as wisdom says, although the Greek proverb may be more applicable - whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

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