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Thursday, June 24, 2004  

Police Chief thinks laws are mere technicalities.

My Sacramento police chief, Edward Najera, was on Fox's Bill O'Reilly last night. I only caught part of the interview. It had to do with local police detaining illegal immigrants. Apparently, my police chief won't do it, and will not help the Feds enforce the laws.

When asked whether people who are here illegally are criminals, he responded that that was a mere "technicality".

He said that we needed them, and should (essentially) leave them be.

I know that my town is becoming another liberal fairy land with insane lefties ruining our schools, our police force, our courts and so forth, but it is a real stab in the chest when your top cop says the law is a technicality.

We also know that such a cop will hamstring his officers with anti-racial profiling initiatives which leads to more and worse crime. Sacramento has something like 15-20% black folks, but that group commits 60-70% of the crimes.

I can't wait for the day I can leave Sacramento or the state.

People who will not fight for their land or their rights deserve to lose both. I would fight, but am overwhelmed by the corruption of our politicians. Take a look at our elected officials and see how many sport Hispanic surnames like Najera, and then try to imagine how many of them oppose enforcing our laws.

For some reason our Democrat Hispanic politicians romanticize the criminal invaders, and probably do so because so many of them came here illegally or as campesinos.

They believe that America is so wonderful a place to invade and rip off that there is no limit to what can be appropriated to themselves.


This is part of the Mexican cultural disrespect for authority and laws (given that their authority and laws do not respect them), and the constant belief that the goods of life are a fixed pie in which one person or group's large share means that someone else gets less. (To be fair, as corrupt as Mexico is, and it's one of the world's worst places, other peoples are not much diferent in their attempt to come here to snatch and grab.)

The goal then becomes not to change your country's economics, but to grab as much of what you can from others.

This results in a diminishing pie (see middle east, Iraq, etc) and impoverishment as successive generations compete for goods, but not for creation of goods. Waste, misuse, corruption then causes the pie to shrink, and competition becomes more vicious and violent.

Not too long ago while driving from my city to Jenner by the sea, I drove through lush, green hilly land to the coast and marveled that such beauty, such prosperity, such hard work and industriouness was soon to be lost to the barbarian hordes as Californians were having all of their heritage betrayed, and would lose the most beautiful state in the Union.

Freely, easily given away by those who did not build this state, create this prosperity, nor invest in its future.

When I came to California in 1970, it was the greatest place in all the world to live. It worked. All of it worked. Education, industry, agriculture, jobs, open lands, parks, landscapes, climate -- all incredible.

Now we have hispanic police chiefs who look the other way when criminals invade their town and depreciate respect for the people, their property, and their laws.

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