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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

Photo Contest Help

My local newspaper is running a photo contest for amateurs. There are two categories which I can submit two different photos for each.

One category is Garden Photo. The second is Everyday Garden and Yard Objects Photo.

I can't use the great photos I took before June, so I am trying to take new ones.

These are the few I think are pretty good. I'd love to know which ones other people favor.

Now, I don't exactly know what a Garden Photo is. I suppose that a flower picture should do, especially since the contest rules state it has to come from my yard and not a public park or garden.

#1 Here is my favorite thus far.

#2 I like this one, too, but I photo shopped it a bit. Does that disqualify it? I don't know.




#6 This is a variation on the one above. Very in your face.

#7 The next two are Garden Objects or stuff. I don't think much of these, but last year a close-up of a rolled up garden hose won in this category.


So, any thoughts or preferences, folks?

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