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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

One can only hope

The AMA conference where a resolution was offered in mock seriousness that doctors not treat trial lawyers apparently isn't merely wistful.

In New Hampshire, a neurosurgeon told the head of the state's trial lawyers that he wouldn't treat him for non-emergencies.

A plastic surgeon in Mississippi refused to treat the daughter of a state lawmaker because of his stand on malpractice suits.

The long-running battle over the high cost of malpractice insurance has taken an ugly turn. Many doctors blame trial lawyers and their malpractice suits for causing huge jumps in insurance premiums. Lawyers blame it on the insurance industry.

This is actually a good idea. People should be punished when they harm others and their society, and if this is the only recourse, it's a fair one.

Start with John Edwards who made millions bankrupting obstetricians who delivered babies with cerebral palsy for which they weren't in the least responsible for. Edwards won by emotional appeals to juries and junk science.

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