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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Lying liars and the people who love them

Bill Clinton is reported to have blown a gasket when pressed by a BBC interviewer whether his contrition over Monica is sincere.

I don't know how one actually proves their sincerity, so the question is a bit of a fraud itself. I do know that sincere contrition has a visible effect. Look at Chuck Colson as opposed to G. Gordon Liddy (who never apologized).

But Clinton's response is classic Bill. Just like his finger waging, look you in the eye denial of sex with Miss Lewinsky (which proved his guilt in my mind), he is a classic liar in that a liar never knows exactly how much emotion is appropriate in the telling of a lie.

I watched Kobe Bryant lie at his press conference about the accusation of rape against him. Kobe was a poor liar. He couldn't look anyone in the eye. He betrayed at least half a dozen giveaways that any good detective could immediately read.

Whereas Bill Clinton believes that bluster and anger will get him through a lie. "What I'm saying must be true because I express so much passion about it." Except that sincerity questioned is a natural response to a proven liar, and if Clinton was contrite, humbled, and understanding -- he would know that, accept it with some grace, or shrug over his inability to satisfy doubters.

Of course, Clinton's contrition is false. (Like we believe he slept on a couch in the White House after telling his wife that he lied.)

Clinton believes that finding the right words can fix anything for him, and thus he always searches for words to use, to manipulate with, and not acts to convince.

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