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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

Longer, not better

Instapundit defends his desire for longer lifespans in a new column.

He fails to say how such a longer lifespan is better, though. He merely concludes: A longer and healthier life is better.

Unquestionably, it is better than a long and unhealthy life.

Think of all those obituaries you have never read, though:

World's oldest living woman died yesterday. She was 115 years old. During her last 65 years, she traveled the world and wrote insightful books on different cultures, art, music, and food. She composed a great variety of symphonic and choral works which are admired today, along with painting incredibly detailed murals of human life.

Despite her commitments to creative work, she also did research on certain cancers, advancing the science leading to cures in many people. She read extensively all the Classics, wrote a book of stories, and counseled young people.

Her longevity also made it possible for her to amass a fortune in the stock market and real estate investments.

Besides leaving behind 356 living relatives, the world mourns her passing and the work tht was left undone with her death. Her contributions to society and civilization were amazing, although no more so than that of the world's oldest man who died last year at 111 years old.

Glenn Reynolds confuses the animal satisfaction of healthy breathing with happiness and purpose.

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