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Wednesday, June 09, 2004  


Instapundit Glenn Reynolds writes a TCS article on how we should spent tax dollars on anti-aging research rather than so much junk that is now funded.

I can't help but think that much of the opposition to longer lives has to do with the idea that human beings are somehow bad, and that death is somehow good.

I guess that I just don't feel that way. I've watched people I love age and die, and it wasn't "beautiful and natural." It sucked. Aging is a disease. Cataracts and liver spots don't bring moral enlightenment or spiritual transcendence. Death may be natural -- but so are smallpox, rape, and athlete's foot. "Natural" isn't the same as "good."

Glenn hasn't listened to Michael Savage's hilarious (because patheticallly true) remarks about ending up in diapers in an old age home with some attendant beating you, and sticking you behind a curtain in your wheelchair.

Glenn is also filled with an illusion that he is always going to find this world fascinating, stimulating, and satisfying. He can't imagine an end to the challenge of learning. The fact is that most people who reach old age are bored, tired, lonely, and without resources for self-improvement.

Then there are the few who are been there, done that folks, and have had enough of the eternal BS of humanity, and want to move on to a place where there is no more nonsense and garbage.

The fact is that we were designed to live about 40 years or so. To grow, mate, raise our children, and get off the stage. Hanging around because we are too fearful to face reality (mortality) is a waste in the long run.

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