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Wednesday, May 12, 2004  

The World is full of tears

I wrote this comment to Bryan Preston's post on Nick Berg.

They didn’t need an excuse to do this, we all know that. But they took an excuse and cue from CBS and the Media.

For years I read of the atrocities like this and more committed by Islamofascists in Algeria. The press called it a civil war or strife, but I figured that if they could such things, slit the throats of muslim babies, mothers, and so on without compunction, they would not hesitate when their attention turned to us.

As for lowering ourselves to their level, it is inevitable. Read about Daniel Boone. To win, he had to become as savage as the Indians, same with the settlers.

The odd thing is that humans can do it and then go back to normal (most of them). The evil men who did that to Berg are now sitting around the table eating cous cous, laughing, joking, planning the rest of their lives.

Someone else has said it. These fascists don’t fear death, they fear humiliation which is why I can’t get worked up about Abu Ghraib. My quarrel was that we assigned incompetents to the task who made it worthless and idiotic, and damaged our cause.

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